Let Your Words Be Love

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Words are powerful. They meet people where they are. They transcend all social and cultural barriers, all self-imposed walls, transcend time and distance, to meet people where they are. Words impact me. They move me. I’m a super emotional person, and its mostly amazing. I embrace my sensitive soul, and thank the Lord for it daily. I embrace it, and as a sensitive soul, it needs to be fed. People’s words do that. Whenever I read someone’s poem, or their testimony, or a blog post, I feel it. I’m with them. Every tear is my tear, their pain is my pain, their joy is my joy; their words make me feel like I’m connected to them, to that person and their story and history. 

Words are powerful, and you know what’s even more powerful? Kind words. Words filled with so much love and warmth that they are able to light a room. I know that I’ve struggled to speak kind words, especially when I’m upset or impatient. I’ve actually said some pretty nasty things to people, words that were destructive rather than edifying, and I’m always racked with guilt whenever I think back to those words I spoke. In the midst of your life, in your day, in whatever you’re caught up in, remember to let your words be love. And don’t ever be afraid to share your heart with people. Your words, whether they are introspective and reflective or loud and uninhibited, move and breath life into the stillness. Your words matter, so speak, write, sing; let your words dance in the air. And always, always, let your words be love. 

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*Song inspo: Words by Hawk Nelson

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