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Hey loves!  We’ve been on this life-sharing journey together for a few months now, and you know nothing about me (Tsk, tsk). It’s time to change that. I’m going to share a few things about myself that you probably (more than likely) won’t know about me. I’ve also been a bit of a slow-moving turtle this week, so instead of one of my more in depth posts that I’ve been crafting for a while now, I thought why not supplant that with a bit of a get-to-know-me thing (cuz I like to talk about myself, just a wee bit 🙂 ). These are things that once you know, a lot of the stuff on my blog will make total sense. If I get a bit too TMI for you, then just hit me with a unicorn emoji in the comments next to anything I’ve written, and I’ll try to edit it down a bit. Now onto the show!

I really don’t like most trends

I just like to do my own thing and go against the grain a bit. I’m not into trends because of that. Idk, but just seeing the same trend or the same idea on a million+ girls throughout the day can get annoying sometimes, even if I do somewhat like the trend. There are a few trends right now that I wish wouldn’t be considered “trendy” just because I think they’re awesome in general and should be rocked for all of eternity (I’m looking at you, flare jeans and velvet). There are also some trends that I kinda wish would just end already. In general, I feel like some people do trends because its what is popular or what everyone is doing, but would never give those trends the time of day other wise, or would even look down on anyone who did wear those non-trendy things. I just have a lot of opinions about trends lol. But I must say, the whole being healthy thing that I’ve been seeing a lot more of (drinking water, working out, being more concious of what’s going in your body) is a trend I am here for through and through, and I hope it will grow to become a movement, and then a force to be reckoned with 😉

I’m reserved, yet super open

I know, super contradictory, but it’s kind of my nature. I am constantly vacillating between having absolutely no filter when I speak and write, to trying hard to share only the most basic and need to know information. And this weird trait of mine doesn’t apply to anything really. The things I should probably keep on the DL (down low for my older self reading this back) I shout from the roof tops, but the things that really don’t matter if they’re hidden or not I try to keep from others as much as possible. I’m just weird. 😝

I like mystery

Meaning, you probably won’t see my face on the webs for a while 😉

I love using slang words

But my use of slang seriously dates me by years, especially since I like to throw out words that were popular back in elementary school. Or I use mostly regional slang, and the people I talk to look at me like I’m an alien. Case in point: I was talking to a girl in my group about a project, and somehow we got to talking about pants that were too short on kids and that they had clearly outgrown them. In elementary school, that used to be called “being flooded.” So little, old me, I’m tossing out that word left and right, and the girl, who wasn’t raised in Miami, was just like….*crickets*….Yea.

I have the social skills of stale bread

I’ve mentioned this several times in my time blogging, and you will hear it a million times more, but that’s only because it’s TRUE. I suck at conversations, and I’m the worst texter ever. I just never know what to say or how to respond. You want to know the worst thing about my conversation skills? One simple starter question like “Where are you from?” or “What’s your major?” will legitimately become an interview. Seriously. They respond to my question, and rather than try to be human and formulate some normal response, I respond back with another question. And another. And a million more. I’m aware of the train wrecked convo at a certain point but darn it, I JUST CAN’T STOP. So do yourself a favor: If you ever meet me in real life, RUN. And if you know who I am and we’ve talked before, I am SO sorry.

My favorite words are:

Love, magic, kindness, calm, fresh, and all of the forms these words can take. They just evoke an image/feeling as soon as I read it, hear it, or see it. I just love ’em!

Miami, especially Downtown, will always be my home

No matter where God leads me in the future, I know that Miami will always be in my heart. I love my city that much (despite all of the not-so-awesome reasons to live here). I’m always close to the beach, there is almost eternal sunshine, when it’s cold we get the clearest days and bluest skies ever (and my definition of cold is anything below 70 degrees. No joke.). I only share this bit of info with you because I’m going to hopefully be sharing a lot about Miami, from simple pictures I snap to great places I’ve visited to where the fun is at. Miami is my home, and I want to invite you into my home as much as I can through this blog.


Now that all of my (lengthy) sharing is over, let me know something about yourself. Whether you’re reading this now or you wandered onto my blog five years from this day, let me know in the comments something I don’t know about you. I hope you know that although we may be divided by digital screens, we’re friends the moment you land on my blog. And friends are supposed to know each other, at least moderately well, right? So hit me up with something about you, then leave me a link to your internet home, whether it be your blog or social media (or whatever new thing there might be in the future.) If I’m not some big shot blogger by then (I make myself laugh with my dreaming), then I will always try to respond to your comments, now or five years from now.

Thanks for sticking with me. Here’s to a hopefully long road of friendship!

With love,


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