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A Labor of Love

Hello loves! Gosh, it feels so good to be sitting at my laptop, typing words into this place again. It feels like its been forever since I’ve last posted anything, and even longer since I’ve last shared what’s been on my mind and heart.

As you know from my previous post, I took a short break from blogging to devote time to school (bleh. And I still might be failing a class), which honestly pained me. I love this space. This is the place that I go to when the world gets sad or frustrating, or I feel alone and misunderstood. This is where I remind myself that the grass will always be greener where you water it, no matter how dire the situations can look. This is where I come to laugh at myself, to dream and hope to grow into a better person. This is where I live, on the webs but also in my head, because I’m always thinking about what I can do better, and how I can use my platform to reach out and help people (no matter how beautifully cozy and quaint, i.e. small, it is).

I have discovered some stunning blogs that have opened my eyes with their perspectives, broken my heart and brought me to tears with the beauty and profound truth of their words. Blogs and videos from Emily P. Freeman, Deja Roberson, Jordan Clark, and Madison of By My Bedside, have all made me stop and think, and inspired me to really slow down my creating process to produce content that is truly a labor of love.

I want that whenever I post something that its not just for and about me, but its for you, too. That every recipe, fitness advice, product review, or anything else my fingers type up will hopefully help you in some way, and leave you feeling like you’re moving closer towards a growing you.

That’s one of the many goals and visions for this blog. I have so many things that I want to create and post, but I’m often so afraid that they’ll get bad reception (as if they’re cell phones lol). I am constantly bombarded by the many things I want this blog to be that I become so overwhelmed with fear that no one would get it, that no one would understand my need sometimes to be everything at once, to try to experiment and grow and just become myself.

With that, I’m just not gonna think about it. I’m going to post what I love, what I think can really make a difference, and what I need to grow, doing it at a slower pace. I am completely and totally ready to start posting again, so keep your eyes peeled, loves. Something new is coming very soon.

With love,

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