To the Aimless Wanderer (Finding Purpose)

Finding purpose

Hi friends! For any of my wild dreamers reading this, have you ever just felt aimless, like your just wandering around in a desert waiting for that A-HA moment to strike? That moment where the reason why you’re here, the reason you’re on this Earth, is discovered?

I’ve been seeing a lot of people my age doing really big things. They’ve been achieving their goals and dreams, getting married, having kids, finding their tribes, and landing amazing jobs. I’m just sitting here behind this blog, just wishing for some idea as to where to head next.

I’m not whining nor complaining in the least bit. I love seeing people achieve their dreams, and become the success they deserve to be, growing and becoming ever-better versions of themselves.

I also love where I also love where I am. I have the amazing ability, as well as the time, to be able to wander a bit. To let life happen and enjoy it as it goes on. This blog is almost a reflection of that, since my posts always seem (to me) random and scattered and unexpected, but do contain true gems that I would not have stumbled upon had these ideas not been brought up. This part of aimless wandering is probably the best. To not have a set plan or routine really allows me to to remain open to all that life really has to offer, and allows me to adventure and explore life and all of it’s avenues.

I’ve never been a steady dreamer, though, meaning that what I wanted to be always shifted with every new season, which isn’t bad. It just leaves me feeling unsettled, like an aimless wanderer. Like I’m walking in a desert into the unknown, turning over every rock to figure out where to head next. And sometimes, when I see all that people my age are accomplishing, I want to have a set path, too. I want to know what I’m meant to do on this earth, to have a dream that I can pour my sweat, blood and tears into.

It feels like some days I just grab things from thin air and work towards them just because I want to feel like I’m amounting to something, rather than waiting to find something that makes all of the obstacles worth it. And that’s something I’ve noticed: ALL roads and journeys have obstacles, no matter how easy those roads may look to outsiders.

I was in a major that I swore was going to be super easy. In the midst of it, though, I became so overwhelmed by the requirements, the forever changing laws, and the politics behind it all that I really had to quit. (To all my teachers out there, you guys are the best. I have nothing but respect for what you guys do day in and day out). I also realized that I had no passion for teaching, and the more I tried to push through, the more that my increasingly irritated heart fought back. Whatever my path is, I know that I’m going to hit obstacles, but I want what I do to be worth them all.

I don’t know what God may have up His sleeves for me, but I know I’ll be fine, and so will you, fellow wanderer. To not have a clear purpose right now gives us time to discover what sets our souls ablaze and breaks our hearts. It allows us to find our true passions as well as our voice as we wait to find that purpose.

And yes, you have a purpose.

Every single person born onto this planet has a purpose, a beautiful one, even if we don’t see it. Some open our eyes to the injustices of the world. Others compel us to check our hearts for the bad qualities that can be our undoing. Others still are really the superheroes with no capes, swooping in to save us when we least expect it.

You have a purpose in this life, a grand purpose that causes you to see a new day every day. We may be wandering about with no target in sight, but we’ll discover it. And when we do, there will be no stopping us until we’ve achieved what we set out to do. So enjoy the adventures your wandering will bring, and remain open to any roads that scream potential. You’ll find your purpose.

With love,

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