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How Surrendering Can Keep You from Landing in the Mouth of a Whale (Seriously)

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Hello, my loves! I read Jonah 1:1-17 a while back ago, in the midst of The Terrible Semester (I just gotta name things lol) and it really spoke to me. In this chapter, God called Jonah to do something, to preach in Nineva so as to open their eyes to their sin. What did Jonah do, though? He ran.

He ran away on a boat until God caused a major upheaval at sea. Not only did God cause an upheaval for Jonah, but the crew of the boat were also deeply affected. They were scared of the rocking and were trying to do everything in their power to keep themselves alive, tossing things off the boat and praying. The amazing part that’s kind of eye-popping and mind-boggling is that Jonah knew exactly how to fix the situation: have himself tossed off the boat. To do that would end the chaos at sea, quell the men’s fears, and bring Jonah to where God wanted him in the first place, bringing him into the hands of God.

God caused the upheaval to bring Jonah back for His will, for His divine purpose, and the only way Jonah knew to end it was surrender. God did all of that to bring Jonah to a place of surrender. Like, wow. And not only did Jonah know that, but the crew were so nice they were like, “no way bro we’re not tossing you off. We’ll keep fighting till we reach land.” God was like nope, and off the boat Jonah went, into the hands of God ( or the mouth of a whale).

I’ve been feeling like there’s a bit of an upheaval in my own life. I have honestly no idea what God has called me to do or what I’m running from, but jeez louise that boat is rocking and the seas are wild. And in the midst of that, in the midst of running and trying to fight it all until I can reach solid ground, God is making it clear: surrender. Let up. Stop fighting and running and go to Him. Go into His arms. 

Was I reluctant? Yea, because I was still scared and had no idea what He’d do once I did surrender. Am I the only person who is sometimes scared of the plans He may have, only because it’s not what I want? Well, that’s where I was/am. But that’s what God wants me to do. He wants me to let go of the reins and surrender to Him.

Although I have no earthly clue what He has cooking up there, surrendering not just these circumstances but my life as a whole will be the only and best way to calm these stormy seas and be right with God. And honestly? Even though I feel weird saying this, I have a lot of peace within my heart right now, after months of emotional exhaustion with the occasional bout of crying (it was a tough few months).

It feels good in a way to be moving where God intended me to be, even if it’s slowly and plagued with uncertainty on my end. God is good, and He’ll reveal His purpose and path for me in His perfect timing.

With love,

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