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The Collective Vol. 1 (What I’ve Loved in May)

The Collective, a monthly round up of items I've loved and articles I've read

Hello, beautiful people of the internet! I’ve been wanting to share a ton of stuff with you for a while, from music I’ve been loving to things I’ve been reading, but could never find a way to incorporate it into my blog posts. I’ve read, seen, and loved other bloggers’ summaries of what they’ve been into. Those posts always introduce me to new things and perspectives that I would have never been aware of but am so grateful to have found. That inspired me to start posting my own monthly collective of things that I’ve loved. Grab your drink of choice, and settle in because this is going to be a mighty long post!



The Handmaid’s Tale: This show has had a lot of buzz, and a lot of people are drawing comparisons between the show’s depictions and today’s society, and you know what, they’re not wrong. If I have to be completely honest though, I only watch it for Nick, the massively adorable chauffeur/garden boy. Besides Nick, the show is beautifully done. Its a difficult show to watch sometimes because of what those poor women are going through, but their tenacity and rebelliousness is inspiring for days.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: I’ve been binging this show the whole month, and its amazing. Its really funny and the characters are always revealing different sides to themselves that make them even more funny. I just love it.

Evelyn From The Internets: Love her! She’s so funny and real and beyond down to earth. And I love that she incorporates her roots and culture into all that she does. If anything, watch her video, “So You’ve Been Publicly Dragged By Black Twitter.” This emoji says it all: 😂

Cambria Joy Vlogs: I love watching her videos. She always has the best insight and advice, and is such a healthy eating and fitness inspiration. One particular vlog of hers really inspired me to seek God above my desires and circumstances. I’ve been feeling really lonely lately (not having friends can do that to a person), and this vlog and her message felt like a direct message from God (through her). To grow where you’re at right now. And that there are a lot of growing opportunities when its raining. Just awesome.

Photography videos: I’ve also been watching a ton of videos on photography because, if you haven’t noticed, my pictures can use some serious help. Sometimes I can take pictures and be genuinely amazed at the results. Other times I’m so sad about it that I consider giving up blogging entirely. Yea, I’m that much of a perfectionist.

How the Food You Eat Affects Your Brain, How Stress Affects Your Brain, How Stress Affects Your Body: Informative videos on the affects of stress and bad foods on physical and mental well-being.


I’ve been listening to a ton of amazing music, a few of which I have on repeat probably 20,000 times a day.

Singles: In the Name of Love by Martin Garrix + Bebe Rexha, and Let Me Love You by Justin Bieber have been my absolute favorites, even if they weren’t released in May. No More Sad Songs by Little Mix is legit my jam. I just have to dance when I hear it.

Albums: If you’re into indie music, I 1000% recommend you listen to Coasts (Deluxe) by Coasts. This album was one I was jamming to for days. There was probably only one song in that whole record that I wasn’t too excited about, but after that, every song is magic.

Wanting + Loving

Clothing: I’m obsessed with this swimsuit from Nordstrom. It’s high-necked and long-sleeved, perfect to hide my insecurities (and yes, my chest is an insecurity. Weirdest thing ever, I know), but shows off a little bit of my stomach, which I think is one of my best assets.

Beauty + Skincare: I am in love with the Nourish Organic Moisturizing Creme Cleanser. Seriously in love. A more in depth review is coming very soon. I’ve also been loving shea butter as a moisturizer. What I’ve had my eyes on is the sample sized products from Vana Body, particularly their face oils. Maybe one day.

Food: Watermelon! Just a big bowl of the stuff is enough to keep me happy.


There are so many articles I’ve read that I’ve just been itching to share with you, but didn’t have any blog posts they could be mentioned in. Get comfortable, friends; this is going to be a long one.

A Positive Outlook May Be Good For Your Health: I love, love, LOVE this article. SO much. It encourages you to think positively, if not for better thinking than for your health. Like, I just loved it. It actually inspired a lot of ideas for my blog, which may or may not be coming up soon.

How Social Isolation is Killing Us: This article is kind of just stunning. I read this when I was feeling especially lonely, and it honestly shook me up. This article talks about the importance of human connection to our well-being. It cited research and stats proving that the lonelier we are, the more prone to damage our bodies will be. It was weird but interesting and motivates me to try to build bridges and maintain existing ones.

6 Things the Most Productive People Do Everyday: There are so many amazing tips here for helping you be more productive in whatever your doing. These tips are also nonspecific, so they can be applied to just about any situation.

Becoming a Soul Minimalist: When I read this, I was in a place of utter exhaustion, and I felt out of touch with my heart. Reading this gave me some direction and taught me the importance of decluttering my soul, getting rid of the unimportant things that have accumulated in my heart from long days, weeks, months, and years.

Pour Your Life Into It: This lovely article talks about passion and its role in the church. There’s this one quote that really resonated with me:

People with passion challenge us, don’t they? They make us stop and ask, “What am I passionate about? What am I giving my life to?” 

How Poverty Changes the Brain: I’ve mentioned this article in a previous blog post, but it talks about how the presence of constant stress and poverty changes the brain negatively. It was eye-opening for sure. I especially loved that the nonprofit mentioned in the article was working to do something about it. So beautiful.

8 Stages of Waiting for Your Next Paycheck: The accuracy!!!!!!! This article was too cute to not share or mention. It was so cute, you guys, and so relatable. Some of those experiences were me to a T (especially with the coaching the debit card. I’d sometimes be praying at the cash register OMG).

Fresh Food By Prescription: As you know, I’m pretty much obsessed with all things health and wellness, and this article further encouraged me to keep on this wellness train. I mentioned this article  in my “Why I Love Eating Healthy” blog post. Check it out if you like!

I don’t think we’ll ever have sex again’: our happy, cuddly, celibate marriage: A… different article about a couple who just literally don’t have sex, and only did so when they were trying for kids. And they were happy with that. I thought it was weird the first time I read it, but if it makes them happy then why not?

Americans Have Become Lazy and Its Hurting the Economy: According to this article, Americans aren’t as innovative as we were in the past. I’m not too heavily enthralled in the world, so I have no clue if there is much truth to those claims. But it encouraged me to dream more, to innovate and not be scared of failure.
How This Millenial Saved $1 Million by Age 30: I have no real desire to be a millionaire, but the article presented a ton of great financial tips that I want to start using, like reducing expenses and saving as often as I can.

That’s all of the things I’ve been wanting to share from last month and beyond. It’s super long, I know, but I hope you found something meaningful or inspiring, or even funny, in any one of the things I’ve shared. Thanks for reading! I hope you had an amazing beginning of your week!

With love,

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