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You Move

You Move

There are so many days, God, where I come to the end of myself, and its not easy. These are the days when I’m so tired and feel so done with everything, that I seriously don’t know how to carry on anymore. These are the days when my heart is hurting bad, and my eyes are red from crying, and my throat is all scratchy that I can’t speak any longer. These are the days where I experience the end of myself, the end of  my strength. These are the days where I truly can’t any longer, where the next step seems like an impossible feat.

But You are just so good God. And I have to believe that. Just like David knew and believed with his whole heart that You would be there with him as he faced Goliath, and that You would help him win, I have to believe the same with my life. These are the days where You are the one who is moving me, who is not only guiding my steps, but moving my feet, too. These are the days where I witness first hand just how much You move in people’s lives, Lord. And I am grateful.

Published by Sabrina

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