August Adventure
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

There are some things that bring out the dreamer that lies dormant deep within my being. Certain seasons, pictures of the absolute beauty of nature, people; they all bring up this odd yet beautiful feeling of dreaming, and acting on it. Pursuing it. Getting up, packing my bags, and moving into the world at full speed. Autumn has always been that one season that ignites my soul yet comforts it at the same time. Something about the cold air and the lack of humidity (as well as all of the pretty pictures and cozy movies) makes everything seem possible to me. There are no can’ts, what if’s, maybes, or tomorrows.

It just sparks adventure in my heart, and makes me just want to get up and go somewhere. Somewhere that takes my breath away. Somewhere that lays untrodden, that is far removed from the beaten path. Somewhere where hearts can rest and souls can breathe. Somewhere where my desires get reprieve and my laughter dances in the air.

I don’t want the norm, I don’t want travels that have been seen time and again on social media. I want adventure. The there’s-dirt-every-where-and-bugs-in-my-hair-but-the-fire-is-so-warm-and-I’m-living-without-a-care type of adventure. The one I come home from sore, exhausted, dirty, and stinky,  itching from all of the bug bites, but so full of peace and joy and contentment that only being in nature can bring. Give me that over Santorini or Paris any day. Give me heavy rain and thunder rattling my bones and lightning as a flash light, where I’m in the midst of nature at its prime. Some days that’s just where I want to be. Although I’m a city girl to the core, sometimes I just want to be in place untouched by man, and feel and see the beauty in God’s creations, whole and complete as it should be.

This post’s photo is by: Brooke Cagle

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  • Aw, I can totally relate to this post… and have the same feelings about autumn! xo

    • livelovealways

      Right? I’m seriously counting the days until Autumn comes along. Such a magical season!