Night in the Alley

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There was something menacing that was hunting Alison in the gloomy, unkempt passageway, at least that’s what she believed. The wind howled and thunder boomed as she walked underneath the dense branches, her footsteps illuminated every so often by flashes of lightening. The ground with its overgrown shrubbery housed creatures which took on fearsome shapes at night, causing her to jump in fright with every snapping branch and rustling leaf. She had to remind herself that she was okay, that she was only twenty feet from her home, and that once she got over the gate, she was safe. She would be ok. This idea allowed her to continue inching forward, careful not to become trapped in any invisible spiderwebs.

As she continued forward, the sense of foreboding she had became stronger, causing her heart to beat twice as fast, and the hair on the back of her neck to rise. Goosebumps erupted all over her skin. Fear was beginning to take over. Soon, everything within her started screaming to leave, but she couldn’t. The dark passageway was her only escape from her fear. She had to keep going. She had to get home.

If only they hadn’t locked me out, I would not be going through this right now, she thought, allowing anger to take over her fear. She became so enthralled in her ideas of vengeance that she forgot about the disquieting presence of the creature. After a minute of dwelling in her vengeful ideas, a low hiss began. It was difficult to hear amidst the rumbling thunder, but it grew louder as Alison inched forward, lost in thought. She snapped to attention when she heard a loud clap of thunder. Presently, she became aware of the hissing sound, which grew louder still, and prompted her to move faster. Although her home was less than fifteen feet away now, it felt like it was an eternity before she made it to her gate. She didn’t care any longer of the cob webs which clung to chunks of hair, the large plops of rain that started to pour, nor did she care for the sensation of something crawling on her arm, causing her to shiver. Adrenaline was taking the place of terror, and she decided that she would jump the gate in two moves. Any less would be a miracle. Any more would kill her.

She jammed a foot into a ring in the chain-link fence, ensuring that her footing was secure. She then shoved her other foot into the fence, and tried to heave herself over, but failed miserably. She got caught in the gate, along with her skirt, while anxiety played along, beating in her ears and cackling throughout the trees. She was swept away at the madness that raced through her mind, and would have had no problem staying at the gate if it wasn’t for one thing: the persistent hissing. It didn’t sound like a snake’s hiss, but one from a predator trying to taunt their prey. It seemed to come ever closer to her with each ragged intake of breath, until it was right next her. The searing hiss caused all blood within her veins to stop pumping for two, silent beats. All at once, she tried with all her might to get over the gate, but the monster overpowered her, dragging her down to the muddy ground. She screamed, hoping to notify the neighbors of her predicament. No one stirred. She screamed again, but was silenced by the creature. When the next flashes of lightening illuminated the alleyway, the space where Alison was was empty, and the only thing left behind was a small piece of fabric.

Behind the Story

This was based on a true story, minus the menacing monster lol. It was rainy. I was locked out. I had no keys, no one was answering their phones, and yelling wouldn’t help a thing in the pouring rain and thunder, so I had to go around into the super dark and scary passageway behind my house that I wouldn’t even be bothered with during the day. Major fail that was. I had to wait until my dad got home to open the door for me, which was fine because I was with my sister and my brother-in-law. The worst part of the whole story? I had gotten my period that day, and I was wearing a white dress. At a party. Yup. Not the best day ever. The dress has been burned (from my memory. Idk where that thing is in real life lol).

I’ve never done horror-esque things before, but I stumbled upon this in my old writing samples. I was pretty shocked I wrote something like this, but I wanted to share it with you. I hope you like it! If you have any feedback, constructive and all, leave them in the comments!

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