About the Blog

This is my canvas. My playground. My love letter to life and the world. To show my gratitude for life daily. This is where my passions roam free and my thoughts go wild.

Purpose of This Blog

This blog is to encourage wild dreams and passions. To never be afraid of failure or setbacks, but to use them to propel you into something beautiful and magical. To act like failure is non-existant, but in its place are obstacles, hurdles, uturns and untrodden paths waiting to be discovered, waiting to grow you and teach lessons that never would have surfaced had you not experienced your circumstances. To live and live your life well. To live a life of love and adventure and laughter in whatever colors you choose, whether they be vivid and bright, almost dancing they’re so alive, or warm and deep, almost reflective and introspective. I want to encourage you to live unapologetically. Take risks. Do something that scares you. Stand up for people. Give a ton (of time, love, energy, or money. Whatever floats your boat). Live wildly and without regrets.

Everyday I’m rebuilding, rebranding, rediscovering parts of life and myself that were waiting to be unearthed, waiting to be created. I want to invite you into that space. Share in that wild dreaming and living and loving with me. Share in my weirdness and quirks, in my failures and sadness and restlessness. I’ve never done well in being a closed book. I have way too much brimming inside that just wants to overflow into the world. So that’s what I’m going to try to do.

My Hopes For You

I hope that through and within all of this, that God will shine so bright. I want Him to sparkle and dazzle He’s illuminated so brightly. And I pray that He will move in this space. I pray that He will overflow. I pray that He will speak to you and I, that you will find some rest from our pained world and encouragement to trudge on. I hope that you will be inspired to live and love and laugh and dream, moving and working unrelentingly in the direction of what sets your soul on fire. I hope you laugh, cry, sing, dance, love, learn, live, and dream along with me.

I love you loads. XO,